Zippeo 2D explainer video

The power of Zippeo explained trough 2D animation.



Once we determine the direction and pick the best idea, we will craft a custom storyboard based on your script.

This is when the storyboard comes in play. We create a series of hand drawings which will be used as a visual guide throughout the rest of the animation pipeline


Next, our team creates an animated storyboard which contains rough draft animation, usually with sound effects or music, giving you an idea of what the final animation or live-action sequence will look like.


Once animatic is approved, we proceed with the sketches


After sketches are approvd, we move to the final illustrations (still frames)


Our top-notch animators give a buzz to the still images. Your ideas are brought to life using tools that make objects and characters moving.

Then we make all the necessary adjustments so that your video is flawless. Here. all components are iterated and fixed.

Lottie animations

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