Elevating Brands through Tailored 2D Illustrations

In the ever-evolving world of marketing and branding, captivating visuals are the key to capturing the attention and imagination of consumers. Amidst this digital era, 2D illustrations have emerged as a formidable force, enabling brands to communicate their unique stories in a visually appealing and engaging manner. At MotinAlly, our unparalleled expertise in crafting custom 2D illustrations that are tailored to the essence and personality of each brand we collaborate with.

Why Do You Need 2D Illustrations?

The power of storytelling. Illustrations have a remarkable ability to transcend language and cultural barriers, making them universally appealing. They inject a sense of creativity, personality, and authenticity into your brand, setting it apart from competitors and forging strong connections with your audience. 2D illustrations breathe life into your marketing materials, websites, social media campaigns, packaging, and beyond, making them stand out in a crowded marketplace.

What Sets us Apart?

  • Creating everything from scratch

  • Deep understanding of a brand's vision

  • Skilled artists creating impactful illustrations  

  • Versatile design styles for diverse brand aesthetics

  • Seamless integration into the brand's visual language

  • Focus on cohesive and memorable brand identity

  • Custom tailor-branded

This is how we do it


The Brief  

We need an illustration that will present “laboratory
and diagnostic equipment” potential ideas that can be

1. Test tubes
2. Glass beakers
3. Thermometers
4. Lens (For looking)
5. Microscope
6. Clear eyeglasses/protectors
7. Rubber gloves
8. Small digital screen/readout

Ideas V1

New Idea 1

New Idea 2


Feedback V1

Combination of test tubes, a microscope, and a clip
a board representing data/measurement. Other items
could be used in substitution:

• Thermometers
• Lens (For looking)
• Clear eyeglasses/protectors
• Rubber gloves
• Small digital screen/readout

It looks a bit too much like a school science experiment.
Please can we make it feel more scientific/diagnostic
testing using pipets/vials in a tray

Ideas V2

New Idea 1

New Idea 2


Feedback V2

We like New Idea 2, can we add a generic diagnostic
instrument (screen, testing cartridge, etc)

Final Idea


Awesome! Looks great let's proceed with this one

Illustration Phase

Based on their branding colors we have created the illustration
so it aligns with their unique brand.

Final Design

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