5 Tips for Crafting SaaS Product 2D Animation Scripts

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Are you the owner or the CEO of a SaaS business searching for the best marketing strategy to launch your new product? If so, look no further than 2D animation videos. Why? Because people are by nature more attracted to video than written content. A 2D animated video can grab the viewer’s attention immediately, engage and inform them, and make a lasting impression. In short, animated videos can boost your SaaS brand’s marketing game!

But, how to craft an impactful SaaS product 2D animation video? Sounds challenging and a bit daunting? No worries! MotionAlly is here to help you by sharing the following top five tips for crafting SaaS product 2D animation scripts. Let’s get Started!

Top 5 Tips for Creating 2D Animation Scripts for Your SaaS Product

1. Define Your Message

First and foremost, before you even start writing your script, you have to determine the main message you want to convey to your target audience. If you skip this part of the creation process, you will probably fall into the temptation to cram in many unnecessary details. In the end, you will get a cluttered and distracting video that only confuses users. Instead, be specific about the message the video should convey so that you can prioritize your ideas when drafting the script.

2. Keep it Concise

Briefly put, animated videos should be long enough to convey your message while being short enough to keep viewers’ attention. For example, explainer videos should be two minutes or less, so that their impact is maximized. Yet, the optimal length for animated videos is considered to be 90 seconds, about 160 to 200 words, of which the first 7 seconds are key for attracting your audience and making them watch your entire video. So, don’t dump a bunch of information, but be clear and concise. Scholarcy did a great job on their script!

3. Visualize Your Story

The script, of course, is all about words. However, a video is much more than that. Therefore, while writing your 2D animation script, think about the visuals that will accompany your story, as well as any non-verbal sounds. Fortunately, animation is extremely versatile and flexible making it easy to craft engaging visuals that perfectly demonstrate SaaS products. Also, ensure your script tells a story that connects with viewers. Storytelling captures attention and engages. It encourages viewers to watch the entire video.

4. Emphasize Benefits

Here’s the moment where your SaaS product gets to shine. However, don’t come on too strong. You are not crafting an advertisement, but a SaaS product 2D animation video. Introduce your product to the story from the introduction and as the story continues present the benefits your audience will enjoy if they choose to get your product. Show them that magic happens and that your product is the solution to their problem.

5. Call to Action

Last but not least, no marketing video is complete without a succinct and strong CTA, i.e.call to action. The CTA tells your target audience what they should do next after watching your video such as “Visit our website”, “Download our app”, etc. Typically, they go at the end of the video but can also be included at the beginning or in the middle, whenever your video’s most impactful moment is. The call to action is essential for driving viewers down the sales funnel. So, make sure you include one in your video.

Final Thoughts

The script is kind of a roadmap for how your animated video will be structured and what content will it feature. A well-crafted animation script is the first step towards creating the final product – a video that conveys your message and engages viewers.

So, ensure professionals take care of the most important step of your marketing strategy and reach out to MotionAlly today! We can meet all your animation needs!

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