How 2D Animations Can Boost SaaS Conversion Rates

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Everyone working in the SaaS business knows how challenging it can be to create and market your products or services. In today’s digital world, you must stand out from your competitors, successfully present your value proposition, and explain complex ideas and concepts in a digestible and engaging way.  

That’s where 2D animations come in handy. Animated videos are short, entertaining, and informative. As a result, they capture viewers’ attention almost immediately, keep them engaged throughout the entire video, help them build a connection with your brand, and most importantly, help you increase conversion rates.

Wondering how they do that? Continue reading below to find out how 2D animations can boost SaaS conversion rates.

How Can Animation Increase SaaS Conversion Rates?

Not every viewer of your animation is intently looking for a product to buy. Some are simply scrolling on their phones or just searching for something fun to watch, and they come across your video. They didn’t plan to make any purchases at all unless they found a product or service that they would be convinced to pay for.

Such convincing videos have to evoke emotions and create a relationship and a need for the potential consumer to watch the entire video, visit your website, and make a purchase. Now, here’s how animations help your SaaS company boost conversion rates:

1. Raised Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is the first factor affecting the success of your SaaS company. If you want to introduce your newest product or service, an animated promo video is the way to go. By taking advantage of animation, you can benefit a lot and amplify brand awareness. The truth is that people are visual creatures, and they tend to learn and remember more by seeing, rather than by reading.

Hence, by using an animated video you won’t only promote your new product but also increase brand awareness and ensure that viewers don’t forget about your company. Those catchy, entertaining, informative videos with great storytelling and inspiring characters will remain firmly in viewers’ memories for quite some time.

2. Increased Customer Trust

Furthermore, one of the top challenges SaaS companies face is establishing trust with their customers since digital consumers nowadays don’t trust easily. They don’t just click here and there following instructions they hear. They have to be convinced that they can trust your company and that they will get exactly what they are paying for.

Luckily, visual stimuli will help them understand that a product or a service is trustworthy and legitimate. An animated video will for sure help them get rid of any doubts by showing them your brand, logo, how your product or service can help them solve an issue, how to use your product or service, and much more. As a result, 2D animations help you establish trust in your customers that your brand is reliable, leading to conversions.

3. Simplified Complex Concepts

Last but not least, people generally, and especially digital newbies, cannot easily understand SaaS products and services as they see them as vague and abstract. No one will buy something they don’t understand, right? This is what animation explainer videos are best at – simplifying complex ideas and concepts and presenting them in an easy-to-understand way.

With the use of animation, you can showcase your offers more effectively than a narration, for example. You can present how they look, how can customers use them, how will they benefit from them, etc. Plus, animated videos, as we already mentioned, have the ability to trigger customers’ emotions. And, to turn viewers into customers and get them to invest in your product, creating an emotional connection is vital.

Final Thoughts

All things considered, 2D animations have proven to be one of the most effective marketing tools in the SaaS industry, where clarity and engagement are paramount. Animated videos can simplify complex ideas, present product features, evoke emotions, increase conversion rates, and much more.

So, if you want to leverage the power of animation, contact MotionAlly today and set your SaaS company up for success.

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