7 Best 2D Animation Videos for SaaS Products

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Statistics show that animated videos have helped SaaS companies reach over 25 million views, nearly $50 million in revenue, and over 10 million account sign-ups. Sounds astonishing, right? The truth is that animation has proven to be the ultimate marketing tool for SaaS businesses since online visibility is essential for cloud-based digital products.

In short, SaaS explainer videos are key for communication with your audience. They help SaaS businesses to explain their service and/or product in an easy-to-understand way, grab the audience’s attention almost immediately, engage viewers through its entire length, and much more. That said, let’s now have a look at some of the best 2023 SaaS animation videos:

7 Best SaaS Videos of 2023

1. BILL – Financial Process Automation

Here’s a great example of how it can only take about a minute to fully understand the purpose of a digital product, as well as which customers’ pain points it solves. And, all of this with only a few words of text, but with excellent voiceover and visual storytelling. Plus, the video subtly includes BILL’s brand colors and style, to ensure it differentiates itself from the competition.

2. Slack – Intelligent Productivity Platform

This 2D animated content successfully uses Slack’s vibrant brand colors – red, blue, teal, and yellow. It is playful and full of shapes that originate from the logo. This perfectly showcases the personality of the brand while conveying abstract meaning. And, the use of text apart from the voiceover adds emphasis and clarity to the key information.

3. Asana Hierarchy – Work Management Platform

Asana uses this animated video to show viewers how easy it is to use their product and how it can help you with work management. It is basically a demo tour that helps you learn more about how Asana Hierarchy works and its most important features. The storyline rounded up with a friendly, yet professional, voiceover, successfully conveys the key message.

4. Aircall - Phone and Communication Platform

As you can see, here’s yet another example of seamlessly incorporating a SaaS brand’s colors, in this case green, into an animated video. This animated content also provides you with a simple overview of how to use the platform and why you should choose it while focusing on emphasizing key phrases and messages through text.

5. Fiverr Business Solutions – Freelance Services Marketplace

With this animation, you can quickly learn about Fiverr’s product release, designed to accelerate success for businesses working with freelance talent, and everything it has to offer. It presents you with the interface of each business solution and how you can use each suite of products to stay ahead in the new world of work, all this in a very comprehensive manner.

6. Mailchimp - Email and Marketing Automation Platform

The global leader in email marketing and automation released this fantastic promo animation to announce 150+ new and updated features to help accelerate your business. This animated video stands out from the other SaaS explainer videos thanks to its unique approach. Namely, there’s no voiceover, but only text, the product interface, and a demo of its key new features.

7. HubSpot – CRM Platform

The previous SaaS animation videos in our list were at least a minute long. HubSpot took a different approach and produced a quite short, yet effective, animation promo video. It presents a real-life situation and a friendly voiceover that shows you the steps on how this content assistant tool can help you improve your marketing campaign.

Final Thoughts

2D animation is, without a doubt, one of the most beneficial and effective marketing tools for SaaS businesses. Animated videos help you grab the audience’s attention within seconds, convey your message in an easy-to-understand way, aid in standing out from the rest of the competition, improve brand identity and memorability, and much more.

That said, if you want to take advantage of SaaS animation videos, contact MotionAlly today! We’ll ensure that your next marketing campaign excels and reaches your goals!

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