Why Animated Videos Are the Most Effective SaaS Marketing Medium

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There’s no doubt that video is the most effective marketing medium. But why? – It’s basically because they incorporate both audio and visual stimuli that help grab viewers’ attention almost immediately and remarkably boost their engagement.

When it comes to animated videos, they are even more beneficial as they help create an emotional relationship between your brand and your target audience thanks to the inspiring characters and entertaining storytelling.

Plus, animation is also the ultimate SaaS marketing medium as it has the ability to present complex ideas and information in an easy-to-understand way. And, we all know that SaaS products and services are typically difficult to digest, especially for newbies.

In addition, you can take advantage of the great range of tracking metrics offered on professional video hosting platforms so that you can make data-based decisions to ensure your SaaS company optimizes its reach and growth.

Now, if you are interested in incorporating animation into your SaaS marketing strategy, continue reading below to find out why it is the ultimate video format for achieving your company’s marketing goals.

Source – PayPro Global’s blog

Why is Animation the Ultimate SaaS Marketing Video Format?

1. Increased Engagement

First and foremost, video provides people with what they want. Humans are visual creatures, and therefore are easily and quickly attracted to animated videos. Also, studies suggest that most of the time spent online is spent on watching videos.

So, in today’s digital world, video remains the most effective marketing method for grabbing consumer attention and keeping it long enough to present your brand’s message. However, in order to reap the benefits of animation, you have to make sure that your video is created by professionals.

The use of characters and storytelling makes animation ideal for increasing engagement, entertainment, and retention. It truly helps your SaaS brand build a strong emotional connection with the target audience.

2. Great Trackability

Next, we’ve already mentioned that good video hosting platforms offer robust and interesting metrics. To inform our marketing approach and make smart decisions, these insights into important details are of utmost importance.

From a trackability perspective, the number of views, view duration rate, play rate, audience retention, engagement heatmaps, click-through rate, and much more, make videos the ultimate marketing tool. These can all help you check and improve the efficiency of your marketing strategy.

3. Easy Modification

After collecting and analyzing trackability data and metrics, it’s time you act upon these insights and make any alterations needed. So, for example, imagine that most viewers stop watching your 45-second video at the 30-second mark. Now you would need to tweak the video until you are happy with the results.

Sometimes, modification is also needed due to fast-changing digital trends and audience preferences. Again, you should try altering your animated video until you reach the result needed.

Luckily, animated videos are easier to modify and alter compared to live-action videos. This is so there’s no need for a complete production of a new video that requires an entire cast and crew. Instead, you should just let experts do their magic and swiftly do the alterations needed. Iterating on your animated video is also quite budget-friendly and time-saving.

Final Thoughts

All in all, the increased engagement, great trackability, and easy modification make animated videos the most effective SaaS marketing medium. They will help you convey your ‘complex’ message while engaging your audience. They allow you to keep track of metrics that are crucial for understanding and improving the efficiency of your marketing strategy. And, last but not least, animated videos allow you to easily and quickly make any alterations needed on a lower budget.

That said, you can improve your entire marketing campaign by including animation. Let MotionAlly do its magic and help you achieve your marketing goals. So, don’t wait and contact us today!

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