7 Effective Ways to Use Illustrations for Your Brand

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If you think illustrations are just drawings, you are completely wrong. Indeed, they are very important and effective in distinct branding and marketing. Precisely speaking, illustrations can be used to represent your brand, express your ideas, communicate your goals and vision, etc. And luckily, audiences love illustrations, mainly because they are creative, highly visual, engaging, relatable, and personal. So, if you want to take advantage of illustrations, continue reading to learn seven effective ways to use illustrations for your brand. Here’s what you should use them for:

Images for Blog Articles

In general, blogs are used to provide the audience with detailed information about your brand. But, by nature, people find writing boring and unappealing. Unlike text, visuals attract the audience’s attention immediately. So, your targeted audience will read a blog text thoroughly only if it’s visually interesting. That said, using illustrations will add an extra visual appeal to your articles and make them more engaging. Even better, custom illustrations can add character as they can be created to be relevant to the content and your brand.

Creative Brand Storytelling

Brand stories can help you build a strong emotional connection between your brand and your targeted audience. As they are extremely versatile, custom illustrations can be a great addition to an amazing brand story or marketing campaign. Contrary to plain design, illustrations can be used to exaggerate the emotions of a story or even stimulate the audience’s imagination. By doing so, as soon as they see your brand, they will feel the emotion you want them to feel and strengthen their emotional connection.

Email Newsletters

Using illustrations for your email newsletter is yet another effective way you can use them for your brand. We all know how challenging and difficult is to tempt the receiver to actually read newsletters.Their inbox is probably already full of newsletters. Hence, you have to make your newsletter stand out from the rest. By using dynamic and vibrant illustrations, you can show how your brand differs from the competition. And, if used as a storytelling tool, illustrations can efficiently promote engagement.

Onboarding Screens

Next on our list of effective ways to use illustrations for your brand is using them for onboarding screens. This is especially beneficial if you are launching an app or a service as customers are more likely to go down the purchase funnel if the design is fun. Therefore, you can make a great first impression by using engaging and welcoming onboarding screens and prevent potential customers from switching to your competition.

Creative Social Media Posts

When done right, social media marketing is probably one of the most effective and beneficial marketing strategies. And, most people want to see something simple and light to digest when browsing social media. That’s where illustrations come in. Generally speaking, adding illustrations prevents you from overusing text content and lacking visuals. This means that you can introduce your brand in a very straightforward way by using creative illustrations for social media posts.

Ad Banners and Posters

No matter the targeted audience, they typically hate ad banners and posters. Hence, you have to be creative in order to get their attention and use the limited size wisely to make people click on your banner or poster. Fortunately, entrancing illustrations can reinforce any message. Their versatility will help you make people click by delivering playful, humorous, and interesting material.


Last but not least, as illustrations aren’t just drawings, avatars aren’t just entertaining profile pictures. They are also great for presenting the tone and identity of your brand. Just don’t be generic, as avatars are a graphic representation of your persona. Instead, try creating something unique, interesting, and fanciful with illustrations. It can also help you grab the audience’s attention and stimulate them to further explore your brand. The bottom line, illustrations can help you boost your brand and scale your business.

That said, investing in brand illustrations should be one of your top priorities. They help you make a positive first impression on your target audience, provide customers with the ultimate visual materials that create a lasting impression, present complex messages in a simple way, add character and emotion to your brand, and much more. But, to enjoy all the benefits illustrations offer, it’s important to use custom illustrations instead of pre-made ones because that’s the only way to show your unique brand’s personality. With that in mind, contact MotionAlly today to ensure your illustrations showcase your brand in the best light.

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