From Vision to Illustration: Your Custom Digital Artwork

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In thi sdigital era we live in, custom 2D illustrations are essential if you want to take your business to the next level. Why? Because humans are mostly visual beings – we remember 80% of what we see, 20% of what we read, and only 10% of what we hear. Therefore, using engaging visuals as part of your marketing and branding campaign is key to grabbing customers’ attention and imagination.

Why Are Custom 2D Illustrations Important?

In short, illustrationsnot only improve the aesthetics of a story but also serve as a roadmap, guiding customers through the narrative while evoking emotions that words alone aren’table to convey. They have a remarkable power of storytelling and the ability to transcend language and cultural barriers. In other words, they are universally appealing and anyone from any place in the world can understand and relate to them.

With that in mind, contact MotionAlly if you want to include effective custom illustrationsin your marketing materials, social media campaigns, websites, and beyond. They will help you stand out in the already overcrowded marketplace. Plus, the experienced MotionAlly illustrators will ensure that your illustrations add anextra touch of creativity, personality, and authenticity to your brand. Here’s how they create your custom digital artwork:

The Process of Creating Custom Digital Artwork

The most important thing about us, at MotionAlly, is that we understand that every client requires an individual and personal approach. That said, as soon as weget contacted by a new client, we do our research to get familiar with thebusiness, including its mission, goal, logo, brand colors, etc. And, once we’ve collected all the information needed, we get down to business.

This is how wedo it:

First, we lookat the client’s brief, i.e. a list of items/ things we might potentially include in our illustration. Then, we choose several things from the list, as we don’t want to overwhelm viewers, that best represent the client.

Next, westart sketching. After finishing a couple of sketches we wait for our client’s feedback and act upon their suggestions until the client isn’t happy with the final result. Finally, we use the brand’s colors and tone of voice to create the illustration.

That way, we make sure that our custom illustration perfectly aligns with the brand’s identity making our artwork effective when it comes to catching customers’attention and imagination. So, if you need custom digital artwork, MotionAlly is your go-to illustration/animation studio. Contact us today!

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