Why Does Your Business Need 2D Animation?

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If you’ve been wondering what’s the most versatile media available for you, you’re at the right place. Businesses opt for many methods to bring their product or service closer to the customers. However, it seems like 2D animation is the most versatile form you can use.

Additionally, animation is one of the most popular forms of entertainment. It is widely used both in cartoons and movies. What’s more, it’s becoming a popular media to usein marketing as it has proven to have a huge impact on the audience. If conversion rates are what worries you, rest assured that using animated videos increases them by 20%.

In this media form, each object has two dimensions, length and height. Designers and design studios use computer software, such as Adobe Animate, After Effects, and many others to create these videos. If you want to deliver your brand story and sell your product better, why not use a combination of dynamic characters, vibrant colors, and memorable messaging? In fact, according to Forester Research, one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words. Can it get better than that?

Well, yes! This isn’t the only reason why your business needs to put 2D animation in use. Keep reading to learn why this form of media is proven to inform, engage, and persuade your clients and target customers.


Benefitsof Using 2D Animation for Your Business

Engaging Story

If you want to engage the audience and make your product or service more appealing, animated videos are what you need. The dynamic characters animators create tell your story in a winsome way. These characters catch viewers’ attention so they watch them in one breath. The story that these videos present is captivating and conveys the core message you want to share.

Quick and Memorable

No one has time to watch long videos or read long content in these hectic times. To show you appreciate your target audience time, why not deliver a message in a couple of seconds? A great animation ensures that your brand and message are shared and remembered quickly. 2D animation captures a lot of information in just a few seconds so viewers are more likely to have a positive reaction.


Fun to Watch

Everyoneis thirsty for fun! In the marketing world, nothing attracts the user’s attention more than a fun video. Who doesn’t love a light-hearted video after astressful day? Your business will benefit from entertaining your customers,making them smile, and building trust.


Evokes an Action

The most crucial part of every message you want to share is the call to action. It doesn’t matter what type of animated video it is, its main goal is to drive action. These animated videos contain a very clear and inviting CTA. Thanks to this, your business will drive a huge performance and you’ll leverage the reach of these videos.


Training and Educational

If you want to teach people in and out of your organization something, animated videos are the way to go. This go-to marketing tool can be used for training and education, both for your team aswell as the end users. This is the easiest way to convey knowledge, embedcompany policies, and train your staff.


Business Explanation

What better way to explain your product or service than using a video? With a 2D animation, you can explain your company and illustrate the usefulness of your product or service. Just by including avideo on your landing page, your conversion rates will go up by 80%. Additionally, watching a video is captivating and will keep potential users longer on your website. Why not use this method to create an engaging user experience?


Enhance Your Email Marketing Campaign

If you want to have an attractive email marketing campaign that works, use animated videos. You can use it for onboarding clients, post-purchase upselling and other limitless possibilities. Additionally, using these videos in your newsletter is one of the most unique ways to stand out. Not only is animation aesthetically pleasing, but they alsoincrease the chances that the reader will click on the link. With that simple click, you can expect even more website visitors and generate more sales.


If you are all about saving money, you’ll be happy to learn that using 2D animations are one of the mostcost-effective ways to increase sales and scale your business. The videos can be reused and they can showcase the whole vision of your business.


If you want to run a successful business that scales and drives sales, optimizing your marketing strategy is a must. The most versatile way to do so is to use animation. By introducing this media, you can boost engagement and improve visibility on both social media and your website. The quick and memorable content will help you create impactful brand at minimal cost.

Looking For A 2D Animation Studio?

After reading the benefits that this type of videos can offer, you’re probably aware that this innovative technique can help your business stand out. If you want to make a change and utilize this type of media, you can simply outsource the creation of these videos to professionals. Motionally is creative design studio that offers 2D animation services to clients.

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