Why It’s Better to Get Custom Lottie Animations?

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In recent years, the word ‘Lottie” has become quite popular through out a variety of digital platforms. Lottie is an open-source animation file format that can be used almost anywhere, including web and mobile platforms. These animations are very interactive, scriptable, light weight, and high quality at the sametime.

Today, the top 500 apps on the App store use this format to engage users and improve conversions. Even business giants like Stripe, Duolingo, and Disney are using Lottie in their products. Yes, they are that popular!

So, now you may think that Lottie is the perfect choice for you too. You are right but there’s a catch! Instead of purchasing a Lottie animation from a marketplace, you’d better get professionals to create a custom Lottie animation just for you. Why? Continue reading below to find out the answer!

Why Use Custom Lottie Animations?

There are several benefits of using custom Lottie animations over purchasing ones from the marketplace, including:

Align with Your Unique Branding

First and foremost, if you get a custom Lottie animation, especially one done by professionals like MotionAlly, you will get an animation that perfectlyreflects your brand’s uniqueness. Eventually, this will help you in maintaining a consistent identity and make your business stand out from the competition.

Fit Your Specific Requirements

Next, with custom animations, you can rest assured that the design meets your specific requirements and specifications. For instance, if your brand is already known for certain design elements, colors, patterns, etc. your custom animation can feature those, unlike ones from the marketplace which are pre-made.

Offer Optimized App Performance

When usingan app, users expect it to be running smoothly. Luckily, with custom Lottie animations, you can create lightweight animations that don’t impact the performance of your app. In other words, custom animations allow you to offer optimized performance to your customers.

Avoid Overused Designs

Who wants to see another cookie-cutter design? No one, right? Nowadays, it seems that many apps and websites are using the same popular marketplace animations. Therefore, with custom Lottie animations, you can elevate your design and ensure your businessstands out from the competition.

Offer Long-Term Flexibility

Also, you are probably already aware of the fact that businesses change over time. Your brand may evolve, you may expand your product range, and your project’s needs may change as well. With that in mind, it’s always better to have custom Lottie animations that can be altered and adjusted instead of picking from what’s available in the marketplace.

Why Avoid Marketplace Lottie Animations?

Moving on to marketplace Lottie animations, let’s see why you should avoid them:

Lack of Uniqueness and Customization

As opposed to custom animations, marketplace Lottie animations are typically used by numerous projects. In other words, they lack uniqueness and originality andcannot help you in differentiating your brand from the competition. Similarly, they lack customization to your specific needs since they are pre-made.

Legal and Licensing Issues

Anothermajor downside of using marketplace Lottie animations is the fact that they might be some legal and licensing issues. Some of these animations come with certain licensing restrictions or attribution requirements that may result incomplications if not managed properly. So, to avoid such issues, get experts, like MotionAlly, to create your custom animation.

UI/UX Integration Challenges

Finally, with marketplace Lottie animations come certain UI/UX integration challenges. Thatis, they sometimes don’t seamlessly integrate into your app’s user interface and require more design work in order to function properly. As a result, customers have a poor user experience and soon switch to your competitor’s app.

The bottom line, the advantages of using custom Lottie animations clearly out weigh those of the marketplace ones. Hence, contact MotionAlly to ensure you have high-qualitycustom Lottie animation to help you upscale your business.

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