Enhancing the User Experience with Custom Illustrations in Gaming

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Are you thinking about developing and launching a game? Or perhaps your game doesn’t match customers’ expectations so you are looking for a solution to the problem. If yes, you are at the right place. In this article, you will find out how custom illustrations can help you unlock game development success.

Leveraging professional custom illustration services can be a pivotal moment for your project. Why? Because people are by nature visual. In other words, despite age-old saying not to judge a book by its cover, judging by the cover is the first thing people do. That said, custom illustrations are a game-changer in the gaming industry.

Here are the main benefits of using custom illustrations in gaming:

1. Create Impressive Visual Appeal to Captivate Players’ Attention

First and foremost, custom illustrations help you achieve one of the most crucial aspects of a successful game – visual appeal. The truth is that if players don’t find your game visually appealing, the chances that they fail to engage are remarkably high. Hence, you should stay away from amateur or generic illustrations that leave customers underwhelmed. Instead, use professional illustration services, like the ones MotionAlly offers, to ensure your game is aesthetically pleasing and attention-grabbing.

2. Maintain a Consistent and Cohesive Style Throughout Your Game

Having an inconsistent art style throughout your game will throw players into confusion.What’s more, inconsistency can disrupt the overall user experience and thus make players leave your game. Therefore, your game must keep a consistent and cohesive style. Luckily, professional illustrators can ensure that your characters, environments, and assets are all seamlessly merged to create a harmonious and mesmerizing gaming experience.

3. Help Your Game Stand Out in a Saturated Market

With an endless choice of games waiting to grab players’ attention, standing out from the crowd is much more than needed, it’s a must. With that in mind, using generic and overused illustrations won’t do the work, for sure. On the other hand, professional and experienced illustrators can make your game original and craft custom illustrations for your specific niche. That way you can rest assured that your game stands out in the saturated gaming market.

4. Help Create Visually Striking and Memorable Characters

There’s no doubt that characters, both protagonists and antagonists, play a crucial role in building the success of any game. In the case of poor character design, player engagement and experience decrease. On the other hand, if your heroes and villains are eye-catching, memorable, as well as relatable, players are likely to build an emotional connection with your game. Hence, team up with expert illustrators who pay great attention to detail in order to create memorable characters with visual traits relatable to players.

5. Boost Player Experience and Make an Emotional Impact

Last but not least, using custom illustrations in gaming help create a significant emotional impact on players. Unfortunately, amateur designers fail to address this crucial aspect of game development. But, visuals have a great power to evoke emotions, thus creating a distinctive and everlasting experience. So, by featuring custom illustrations, your game will stir emotions within players, and engage them on an emotional level, thus boosting player experience and encouraging long-lasting connections to your game.

All things considered, custom illustrations lay a solid foundation for developing a successful game. However, have expert illustrators, such as MotionAlly, work on your project to ensure you enjoy all of the above-listed benefits custom illustrations offer when it comes to the gaming industry.

For example, here’s how MotionAlly helped Chessino redesign their game and create a functional and modern mobile game.

Precisely speaking, Chessino’s major issue was outdated experience failing to match today’s customers’ needs and expectations. Plus, they had new features that needed to be added to their game, i.e. blended well into the already existing structure without breaking the design.

To achieve Chessino’s goals and solve the problem, MotionAlly redefined the navigational structure and put a modern coat of paint to the interface. When it comes to illustrations, MotionAlly nailed this part and created consistent, engaging, visually striking custom crafts, including:

·       Avatars – for the user profile

·       Chess pieces – users can get these as a reward or purchase them in the store

·       Chess boards, shop icons, cards, and medals

·       Single player avatars (SPC) – motivate players for SPC, i.e.fighting against AI robots and winning rewards

The final result was a functionaland modern mobile game, a visually decluttered design with a specific focus on emphasizing key visual elements.

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