How to Make Effective Use of the Lottie Workspace for Client Projects?

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There’s no doubt that Lottie animations have become one of the most effective and popular marketing tools in recent years. They boost engagement, evoke emotions, increase conversion rates and revenue, and much more.

However, motion design hasn’t always been easily accessible. In the past, a team of designers used to go through many feedback loops to make edits, and then pass them through to developers to code these animations.

Sounds challenging and time-consuming? You are definitely right.

Luckily, that’s where Lottie comes in. With the Lottie workspace, you can create a high-quality product within a client’s time frame. You can streamline your motion design workflow, organize, edit, and optimize animations, all in one place.

Efficient collaboration on design projects has become easily achievable with the new Lottie features. Here’s how to make effective use of the Lottie workspace for client projects:

1. Create a Folder for Your Client

First and foremost, as soon as you get a new client, create a separate folder for them. By doing so, you will have your workspace neatly organized and won’t spend precious time searching for the project needed. Your workspace comes with a handy search that allows you to search for animations from private or team projects, as well as collections. So, you can access the desired animation quickly.

2. Invite Your Client

Once you’ve created a separate folder for a client, it’s time to invite them to your workspace to ensure that no communication glitches occur. Every project and animation comes with its own permission settings which is great if you want to show your Lottie animations to a client without allowing them access to all the content within your workspace.

3. Upload Your Animation and Wait for Comments

Next, upload your animation so that everyone on your team, plus the client, can check it out. You can also assign status updates on projects and mark them as approved, needs review, or in progress. Your client will be able to watch your animation, speed it up, pause it, download it, and most importantly, make comments on every single detail within the animation. This is probably the best of the new Lottie features, as it allows commenting without any restrictions. Now, wait for the client’s comments before moving further.

4. Fix the Comments and Upload a New Version

Your clients have probably made some comments on what they would like you to change. This is perfectly normal as no great animation is done by crafting a single draft only. So, fix the comments and upload a new version of your animation. Plus, with the version history feature, you can track all changes made by any team member and restore older versions anytime, if needed.

5. Everyone Happy

Eventually, both you and your client will be happy with your collaboration. Any potential hurdles that prevent optimal collaboration are eliminated by following the above-listed tips. With Lottie, you can have seamless communication as everything happens within the workspace, from crafting, sharing ideas, providing feedback, editing, optimizing, etc.

That’s how we do it at MotionAlly! We ensure nothing gets lost in translation to deliver the best possible Lottie animations to clients within their time frame.

Client Feedback on the project


Now, if you are interested in the Lottie workspace, check out their pricing models and the features they offer. Currently, their Team pricing model is all the rage. And, it’s no wonder why. For $24.99 per month, i.e. nearly $300 a year, you can get access to a great range of valuable features, access and permission, custom color palettes and embeds, source files, download options, animation information, and much more.

Briefly put, Lottie is certainly a worthwhile investment for professionals and businesses seeking to create engaging and visually stunning digital experiences

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