The ROI of 2D Animation in SaaS: Converting Viewers into Customers

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You already know how valuable animated videos are when it comes to digital marketing, right? But, do you know how beneficial animated videos can be for SaaS businesses? Do you know how 2D animation can help in converting viewers into customers and thus improve ROI? If you want to learn more, you are at the right place. Here, we will closely discuss the ROI of 2D animation in SaaS.

The ROI of 2D Animation in SaaS

According to 2023 statistics, videos land the top spot for ROI, i.e. provide the highest ROI (25%), among the top six media formats. Images come second with 12% ROI, then blog posts with 9% ROI, case studies with 8% ROI, podcasts and other audio content with 7% ROI, and infographics with 7% ROI. That said, the power of animated videos for increasing return on investment is undeniable.

Another study showed that up to 92% of video marketers report a positive ROI from content video, compared to 87% in 2022. The same study highlights the benefit of using SaaS animated explainer videos in boosting revenues compared to live videos. It also found that out of 96% of people who watch animated explainer videos to learn about a new product, 89% end up buying the product.

Converting Viewers into Customers with Animation

The benefits of 2D animation for SaaS businesses are immense as such videos are engaging enough to generate lots of interactions for companies. Put shortly, animated videos provide enhanced communication, increased engagement, improved SEO, better customer support, versatility, accessibility, and most importantly increased conversion rates.

Animation videos are so effective due to their audio and visual stimulus. So, they are not limited to audio (as podcasts for example) or visual only (as is the case with images). Indeed, animation combines both these stimuli to provide highly engaging and entertaining content.

At the same time, animation excels in presenting complex concepts and ideas in an easy-to-understand way which boosts viewers’ understanding and helps with the customer buying decision process. No one will purchase something they don’t understand, right?

Furthermore, animation improves message retention and memorability. Thanks to engaging content, 2D animation grabs viewers’ attention almost immediately and makes them watch the video to the end, which helps SaaS companies to successfully communicate their message.

Finally, animation helps SaaS businesses create a special emotional connection with the viewer by incorporating storytelling and relatable characters. You can visually engage your target audience while telling your story, generating emotions and creating a strong bond.

Final Thoughts

All of the benefits of 2D animation lead to good ROI and higher conversion rates. The conversion rate can significantly increase with an engaging 2D animated video. An important factor in boosting conversion rates is the ability of animation to entertain, educate, and arouse emotions. With the use of animation, prospects can be easily moved through the conversion funnel, increasing ROI.

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