Top 10 Reasons Why Storyboarding is Crucial for 2D Animation

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The process of creating an animated video turns into a trouble-free journey by organizing a narrative into a storyboard. In short, a storyboard is a series of sketches that help you plan out a scene in an animated video. It may look similar to a comic strip and its art style is usually quite rough and basic as its main purpose is to serve as a roadmap for the production process.

Now, if you want to learn about all the benefits of animation storyboarding and its importance, continue reading this article.

The Importance of Storyboarding

1. Visual Planning

To begin with, the key benefit of storyboarding in 2D animation is that it provides a visual blueprint for the entire animation and production process. Therefore, artists can plan each scene, transitions, and pacing, allowing them to identify potential challenges early on in the creation process, saving them valuable time for unnecessary discussions over errors later on.

2. Narrative Structure

Next, as as toryboard illustrates critical moments in the narrative of the animation, we can easily conclude that it helps solidify the narrative structure. Indeed, it is also essential for shaping the overall flow of the narrative and conveying the intended message effectively. Hence, a storyboard helps ensure that the final product is cohesive, logical, and engaging.

3. Communication

Effective communication is yet another benefit of using storyboarding in 2D animation. By creating one, you can ensure transparency in communicating your vision with artists, team members, and concerned stakeholders of the project. In otherwords, it’s easy for everyone to understand what the director’s vision of the final product is.

4. Efficiency

Another benefit of using storyboarding in the process of 2D animation creation is thatit maximizes efficiency in creating new scenes and plots, helping you align your vision with the video. Plus, using a storyboard tool saves you lots of valuable time and resources by clearly determining the sequence shots, thus reducing the need for revisions.

5. Visual Consistency

One of the main challenges of animation is to maintain a consistent style through out your project, especially if multiple animators are working on the same animation. So, a storyboard helps you achieve visual consistency through out the animation which is crucial for creating an engaging, visually appealing, and impactful animated video.

6. Cost-Effective

We already mentioned that efficient storyboarding can save significant time. But, that’s not all! Indeed, it can also save you money in the animation production process. By visualizing the narrative and editing it early on, you are able to identify and address potential issues on time to avoid extensive and expensivere visions during production.

7. Storyboard as a Pitch Tool

Further more, storyboarding can also be used as a pitch tool. That said, you can use a storyboard to pitch the animation idea to stakeholders or investors. It’s an effective way to get projects green-lit and secure funding as it allows people to see more clearly what your final vision is and what the project is about.

8. Collaboration

Storyboarding acts as a common language that bridges the gap between all the people workingon the project, from directors to animators, team members, and the production team. It facilitates effective collaboration as it serves as a visual reference that all stakeholders can easily understand and discuss.

9. Problem-Solving

As you already may know, production is a complicated process and problems appear all the time. And, fixing these problems loses remarkable time and money. Luckily, storyboarding helps you detect potential issues, weak points, and challenges early in the process, allowing for solutions to be found before production begins.

10. Creativity

Last but not least, storyboarding in 2D animation encourages creativity and experimentation. For most creatives, the best ideas start on paper, but for animators – it’s amust. Namely, beginning the creation process with a storyboard and making a brief visual plan on paper encourages new ideas and creative solutions.

Final Thoughts

Storyboards are one of the many useful tricks visual storytellers take advantage of to help perfect the final product. To fully explore the benefits of storyboarding in 2D animation, don’t hesitate and get in touch with us. We, at MotionAlly, create bespoke, high-quality, and custom brand-tailor videos for each client. So, don’t wait and contact us today!

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