Why Do Companies Need 2D Animation for Their SaaS Products?

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In short, the art of creating movement in a two-dimensional space is called 2D animation. Although its most common application is cartoon production, it's implication has gradually reached marketing technologies as an effective way of conveying specific messages to targeted audiences.

When it comes to SaaS products, 2D animation is a strong sales technique in SaaS presentations. Marketers use modern strategies to quickly familiarize users through video animation production and grasp their attention completely.

Indeed, any company can easily and quickly present its idea through 2D animated videos. But, why should they choose 2D animation for their SaaS products? Continue reading this article to find out more.

Why Do They Need a 2D Promo?

Promo videos, i.e. promotional videos, help companies tell the story of their business by presenting services, events, news, and of course, products. Having a promo video is vital for creating long-term relationships with users and building business success. A promo video is typically super-engaging and eye-catching which makes it one of the best non-invasive sales pitches. And, thanks to the connection users feel to your brand, a 2D promo can guide more customers farther down the purchase funnel.

Why Do They Need a 2D Explainer?

Explainer videos, on the other hand, are short, yet detailed explorations of how your company’s products and services may help customers and solve their problems. Similar to promo videos, they are also fun, entertaining, imaginative, and consumer-centric. In as little as 30 – 90 seconds, a customer will learn about the key features of your product or service and the benefits of using it.

What Are the Benefits?

Statistics show that every year, more and more marketers report improved user engagement, increased lead generation, and boosted sales. So, now that you understand what are 2D promo and 2D explainer videos, it’s time we dig deeper and learn about the benefits of using videos as a marketing tool for your SaaS products. Here’s how 2D animation can help your company:

1. Appeals to the Audience

2D animations are ideal for delivering the brand’s compelling message in a very appealing way. The bright and intense colors, inspiring characters, outstanding presentation, and much more, are just what prospects want to see.

2. Highlights Your Brand

Another key benefit of 2D animations is that they help your brand stand out from millions of others. If you have professionals create your animation videos, you can rest assured that they highlight your brand flawlessly to create a competitive edge in the digital realm.

3. Supports Search Engine Optimization

In the digital world, having your website ranked on the first page of the Google search engine is of utmost importance. Luckily, 2D animation videos offer an adequate signal to Google and are perfect for engaging audiences.

4. Allows Effective Communication

With communication being one of the key parts of boosting business success, you have to use 2D animation. As already noted, these videos are quite brief. This means that they deliver the message concisely and simply, which makes it more efficient compared to other formats.

5. Increases Share Rates

As 2D animation videos are designed to be engaging and entertaining, they also increase share rates because people are more likely to share fun and inspiring videos. Eventually, more shares will generate more brand awareness and recognition.

6. Saves Your Money

Finally, 2D animation videos are a very budget-friendly marketing strategy compared to live-action videos because they require editorial staff, a production team, a camera crew, etc., whereas 2D videos are easier to create, edit, and customize.

How Can They Increase Sales?

What makes 2D animation videos a great marketing tactic is the fact that they are the most convincing medium for instructing the audience to follow the storyline on the buyer’s journey. These videos inspire users and help them recognize your services or products, ultimately forcing them toward purchasing. Eventually, your company would enjoy increased income, boosted profit, and much more.

Why Work with Us?

After learning why companies need 2D animation for their SaaS products, it’s time you take advantage of these videos and showcase the amazing features of your product. And, this is where we come in.

But, why choose us? We build custom animations from scratch to ensure you get the unique content your company needs to entertain and engage audiences, highlight your brand, and ultimately, help you increase revenue.

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