Why is Having 2D Animation App Promo Video Important?

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Are you a CEO or Founder ready to launch your app? Then, a 2D animation app promo video is the ideal marketing tool for you. The reason is pretty obvious, videos are highly effective, entertaining, engaging, and informative. Plus, everybody watches videos and generally prefers them over reading.

However, in the technology world, there’s always a new product coming which is why mobile app development, launching, and advertising have become more challenging. In other words, you have to ensure your target audience learns about your app in an engaging and entertaining way.

That’s where we come in! At MotionAlly, we create animation videos that will make your app stand out from the competition. Now, let’s have a look at why a 2D animation app promo video is the best shot for you to advertise your app and how it can benefit you.

Allows Potential Users to Get a General Idea of Your App

First and foremost, promo videos are used to get potential users excited about using your app. It shows how it would be beneficial in their everyday lives and why they should download it. A promo video is also the first impression users get, so you’d better take advantage of it. It may be the difference between them downloading your app or your competitor’s.

Grabs Potential Users’ Attention Effectively

2D animation promo videos have become the focal point. Today, they are in the limelight since they are typically visually attractive and appealing. Hence, you get to reach out to your target audience in a very engaging way and capture their attention in a matter of seconds. Even statistics show that over 40% of people download an app if they find the video attractive.

Provides You with a Higher ROI

Next, having a 2D animation app promo video is a very cost-effective marketing strategy and can boost the return on investment (ROI). As the interest in videos is as widespread as it is right now, promo videos will spread your idea in the minimum possible time, attract more users to download the app, and thus provide you with a higher ROI.

Boosts Your Bond with the Audience

Having an animated app promo video will also help you build a relationship with your target audience since they can form a type of trust with potential users. This is mainly thanks to the animated characters and the graphics of the video. Therefore, you have to have professionals, like MotionAlly, create your 2D animation app promo video.

Helps in Establishing Your Brand Identity

Another benefit of having 2D animation app promo video is the fact that it can help you in creating the brand identity and establish it pretty easily. Eventually, this will get more potential customers to download your app and thus improve sales. Again, just ensure you have a high-quality promo video packed with innovation and creativity.

Promo Videos are Easy to Promote

Last but not least, app promo videos are the best marketing strategy to demonstrate and promote your new app to targeted audiences. The reason behind this claim is the fact that everybody is watching videos on social media. Various social media platforms are filled with videos making promos a subtle and effective way to promote your app.

Hence, if you are looking for the perfect marketing strategy for your mobile app, stop searching for it because a 2Danimation app promo video is your ideal choice. Just write us and we will create a custom, top-notch animation promo video for your app.

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