2D Animation VS PDF Presentation as Sales Pitch

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Ever wondered what makes pitching the perfect sales presentation so important? The truth is, your sales pitch can make or break the deal. Therefore, you’d better have yours nailed down before meeting with potential prospects. Think of it as your opening line and the first thing your customers come across when you meet them.

In short, you may consider your sales pitch a business card that helps you to:

• Generate more leads and interest in your service or product

• Qualify leads and recognize potential customers

• Position your business against the competition

• Show the value of your service or product

• Close more deals

As you can see, a sales pitch can help you grow your business. So, how to determine the type of sales pitch to use? Read on to find out.

2D Animation VS PDF Presentation

Up until recently, the sales world has strongly been reliant on slides and documents to persuade new prospects. However, there’s a better way to win over customers and businesses – 2D animation videos. Now, let’s compare these two types of sales pitches and see why you should opt for animated videos instead of a PDF presentation.

To start with a PDF presentation, it mostly includes text, graphics, pictures, and other motionless elements. The main benefits are that it is easier to store and share, it is a more accessible format, and it is easier to print. What’s more, pretty much anyone can craft a PDF presentation. However, prospects rarely have time to fully digest the information presented.

That being said, potential customers and businesses aren’t likely to go through a pretty long PDF presentation again to look for more details. Time is money in today’s world. The truth is, prospects are hungry for unique materials that will satiate their curiosity and help them understand that your service or product is worth the investment in a matter of minutes.

That’s where animation comes in to do its magic! Switching from text-based pitch materials to 2D animation videos may seem like an extreme change. But, a short, animated video can do the trick far better compared to a PDF presentation. By using 2D animation as a sales pitch you can rest assured that your business has a more captivating, engaging, and human sales process.

Put simply, 2D animation videos are ideal for sales pitches. Why? Because they distill complex information and ideas allowing you to present your service or product quite easily. They also help move the customer toward the final stage of the purchase funnel, show your product or service in action, capture attention within seconds, show your brand’s personality and identity, and help you build a relationship with your prospects.

What’s more, a compelling story is at the core of every 2D animation video. This is important for sales pitches because storytelling successfully engages the audience, evokes emotions, and creates a memorable experience. That said, prospects will most definitely feel connected and memorize your sales pitch, which increases the chance of closing the deal.

All in all, a 2D animation video makes your pitch more memorable, engaging, and persuasive. According to experts, one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words. So, there’s no way that a PDF presentation can compare to a video as customers and businesses don’t have the time to read so many words. This means that you can convey more information, as well as value, in less time with video than with text or still images.

Final Thoughts

To take advantage of animation and video for your sales pitch, you have to ensure they are clear, high-quality, and professional. You can easily do so by contacting us – MotionAlly – an animation studio that strives to exceed clients’ expectations.

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